ArcheAge Unchained – Is it worth it?

Archeage is an open world PvP MMORPG developed by XLGame in Korea and originally distributed in NA/EU by Trionworlds exactly 5 yrs ago.

While the game, and especially Trionworlds, generated a lot of controversies and polarised its community, it still remains in my own opinion, one of the most beautiful, versatile and addictive MMO around. If you did play ArcheAge at some point, whether that was at launch or more recently, then you would know exactly what I mean.

The hype for ArcheAge Unchained is out there and the fear of missing out is growing. You might be asking yourself:

Should I try ArcheAge Unchained?

What is ArcheAge unchained?

According to Gamigo (who acquired Trionworlds in 2018) this is the version of ArcheAge the gaming community has been waiting for. Note however, that the original ArcheAge still remains active on Legacy servers in its present F2P format. Unchained however, with its totally different commercialisation model, will be run like a totally separate game. Unchained is not another Fresh Start server. It will be released on Oct 15th with the same new 6.0 content (Shadows Revealed) as on legacy. This includes the new Swiftblade melee skillset, new Naval Combat Arena and access to all zones. It will also be released on the new 64 bits client and with updated graphics for many zones.

So what’s better?

First and foremost, the primary intent is the removal of the Pay to Win (P2W) aspects that caused so much damage to the game from day one. Unchained is Buy to Play (B2P) model.

  • No more Apex (these are still available on legacy). The controversy with Apex was that they can be bought for $10 and sold in game for gold, which means it was a “legalised” gold selling option.
  • No more Free to Play accounts. No subscriptions. Just a one off purchase. Current Founders packs start at $25.99. F2P accounts provide a lot of opportunities for gold farmers and sellers so now the bar is a lot higher.
  • No Loot Boxes or RNG Boxes
  • No Labor potions available for credits
  • No P2W items, most if not all of the MarketPlace items are cosmetics and bind on pick-up.
  • Less Alt-age. Unchained has put a cap of 3 accounts per person, only one client running per PC, so multi boxing is pretty much gone. I am cautious with that statement because we know that where there is a will there is a mean. There is only so much Gamingo and XLGame can do to prevent people from owning more than 3 accounts and from running several clients across several PC. However, with an entry level of $25.99 and the risk of account(s) getting banned…

Better protection vs. hacks and cheats not even mods like FoV are allowed. Gamingo announced they were armed and not scared to use it. The Community will be watching this space closely, because hacks and cheats are still used on Legacy and will quickly unbalance the economy and players on the servers.

As someone who made a career in software sales, my first question is: so how will Gamingo make their money? And I do want them to make money so they can keep the game going for a long time.

  • Game sales: as mentioned the current pre-order Founders packs start at $25.99 with a Gold Pack at $49.99 and Archeum pack at $79.99. Of course as the servers fill up and mature it would be more difficult for new players to join in.

Currently Gamingo as confirmed 3 Servers for each region (EU and NA) with potential 4th to be confirmed:

  • NA: Tyrenos, Wynn and Denistrious
  • EU: Alexander, Halnaak and Belstrom

So I suspect in a few months time, based on community interest they might add additional servers and get some extra revenue that way.

  • ArchePass. The ArchePass is a seasonal battlepass type system that opens up to the players a dozen of dailies with a variety of rewards. There is a free basic/intro level ArchePass available to everyone for 1 copper in game currency, but with a slower progression pace. It has an optional higher reward path that cost 10 gold.
    Then there is a “premium” ArchePass that cost 5 gold to buy but its higher reward path cost $10 to upgrade ( or 1500 credits), per season and per ArchePass . As I write this, it seems to last around 90 days. There are 3 types of “premium” ArchePass to cater for different play style (PvE, PvP and what I would call lifestyle such as spending labor on crafting). So if you wanted to complete all 3 tracks you have roughly 31 days per track, which is quite a commitment.
  • Cosmetics. ArcheAge has some of the nicest as well as “raunchy” outfits available in an MMO. They also have a huge stack of pets, mounts, gliders and housing decorations. I’ve always seen people eager to get the latest outfits, mounts and pets; some are extremely creative and talented at decorating their houses.

The commercialisation model appears to be sound and ethical. The game is celebrating its 5th anniversary so it isn’t new, but the 64 bits client is giving it a facelift. This is a MMORPG that has a lot to offer still.  My only warning to new and old players is that it will most likely be commitment hungry. There won’t be any option to swipe and pay your way into progress or quality of life items. So, to go back to the big question:

Should I try ArcheAge Unchained?

My answer: YES

If you want a preview on PTS, join me during one of my streams on and feel free to ask questions.

  • Oct 1-7 : Founders access PTS begins 10am PDT
  • Oct 5: Founders name reservation and character creation begins
  • Oct 7-13: General access to PTS
  • Oct 15: Official release of ArcheAge Unchained including major content update “shadow Revealed”

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of Gamigo, Trionworlds or related to any employees. This article is not sponsored by anyone. This is the results of my own research and own opinions.