Sample work

The best way to ascertain if a writer is suitable for your business needs is to look at their work. You will find here some samples of content I have created in the past.

ArcheAge Unchained was released only two weeks ago on October 15th and then on 18th on Steam. I went back
Archeage is an open world PvP MMORPG developed by XLGame in Korea and originally distributed in NA/EU by Trionworlds exactly
Robo-advisor – the frenemy lurking Written for website on October 12, 2015 I have been watching the rise of the
Meeting Sales Quota: Sales Effectiveness & Technology Written for on November 9, 2015 Sales Quota No matter what industry you
The Empowered Buyer – How Personalisation Makes the Sale Written for on August 31, 2016 If you live in Australia,
FST Media’s 2016 Future of Banking & Financial Services Event Written for on December 7, 2016 The banking and financial services
Top Technologies & Digital Strategies Impacting Finance Written for on June 21, 2017 As technology continues to advance, not all
First published on on Mar 11, 2015 Internet of Things – Friend or Foe? Definition – Internet of Things There
Looking to Adopt an Omni-Channel Strategy? Here Are the Top Considerations to Be Aware of Written for on September 12,