About me…

Ello! (that’s “hello” with my french accent!) and welcome!

I’m Nadine. I was born and raised in the South West of France, in a region called the Basque Country. My parents had their own business, a wholesale seafood import export company; they raised me with the belief that I could do anything as long as I worked hard for it. From an early age I expressed characteristics of curiosity, independence and strong mindedness; by my teens I already had decided I would go and live in Australia, one day!

I was blessed to have parents that believed in education despite the fact they hadn’t had those opportunities themselves. My first degree was in Biological Sciences, I specialised in Marine and Fish Biology. I didn’t stop there, a few years later I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Computing. I realised that most of the business people I interacted with in the Seafood sector needed technology in their business but didn’t have the knowledge or even knew what questions to ask.

I immigrated to Australia in 1993, as an Independent Migrant; went through the whole point test and waiting queue too. That was a big adventure, this was long before the internet and Google searches. All I had were a couple of books (with pictures) and my memories of watching Skippy on TV.

I haven’t looked back since landing in Sydney on Oct 9th of that year. While a lot of my life didn’t go according to my original plan, it still took me to incredible places, got me to meet amazing people and I am certain there is more to come.

I have worked as a software sales executive since 1993; why? because I have always been fascinated by technology but also in applying it to improve life and processes. For my full career bio please check my LinkedIn profile

While I have learnt a lot, I am still learning and don’t expect that to end any time soon. For example, the changes in sales methods, the role of social selling and thought leaderships have driven me to get hands on involved in content creation including live streaming. I learnt to write blogs, articles, white papers, products collateral and countless marketing emails etc. I enjoy researching topics, challenging my own views and perceptions and debating. Thanks to my tertiary education I also learnt to respect intellectual property and always include references. One of my current pet-hate on sites such as LinkedIn is to read stories about people’s content being ripped by others as their own. I also dislike click-bait emails and articles that lead to a pointless and meaningless blogs that don’t trigger anything for me.

So what am I doing here?

I am offering my services as a consultant and content writer to tech companies, as well as small and medium businesses of any industries. While my background is in software sales, with clients in industry sectors such as financial services, tech, education and government agencies, I believe I can create valuable content for any sectors and businesses. In any case, I’ll invest the time to learn more. Either way, I will always start in getting to know you, your business and the purpose and audience for the content required. Just contact me for an obligation free chat.